Record and Save on Calls or Add 2nd Number with Yallo

Record and Save on Calls or Add 2nd Number with Yallo

Automatic call recording is much like having an insurance sometimes. You hope you never have to use it and it makes some people feel uneasy, but in certain cases it can save you A LOT of trouble… Whether it’s a service provider, a business colleague or a forgetful friend it never hurts if you can simply hit play and set the record straight.

Record incoming & outgoing calls with Yallo

Yallo Call Recording iconYallo allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls using you own number either automatically (record all calls by default) or manually in a click of a button during the call.

For outgoing calls – you just have to make them using the Yallo app and that’s it (the person on the other side of the call will receive a standard call with your regular caller ID and not some random number so they know it’s you). For Incoming call’s you simply forward calls from your own phone number and from that point until you cancel the “call forward” feature – all calls will come up through the app (much like other VOIP apps such as Viber, Acrobits etc.)

Once the call is done, if recording was on – you’ll be able to listen to it via the app, give it a name for personal reference, email it to yourself or delete if you don’t expect to need it.
Using Yallo, depends on having an active internet connection (either Wi-Fi or cellular data plan) and if you happen to be disconnected from the internet – the call should be picked up by an answering machine which is also provided as part of the service, and a push notification will alert you once you do get online, that a call from XYZ was missed.


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Add a second number on your phone with Yallo

Yallo Secondary Phones iconRecording calls is a great feature, but another way to use Yallo would be by forwarding calls from another cellular number to the app and by that you essentially get a second phone number active – on the same smartphone!

Such use case might be particularly relevant for business people that have a “work phone” as well as a “personal phone”. Making calls and accepting calls from the secondary number will be done using the Yallo app (although you won’t get access to your SMS messages – therefor that would be a secondary, slightly limited number for daily use).




Save on calls with Yallo

Yallo save on rates iconWith Yallo 2.0 you initially get a small credit to make outgoing calls which you can top off at any given moment using the app by purchasing additional credit (starting from 1.99$). The outgoing calls use up that credit in different rates depending on the destination country, type of phone (mobile / landline); so an outgoing call typically costs about 1 cent per minute for mobiles and even less for landlines. You can check the rates within the app itself, but in general prices are significantly lower than some of the international call plans I’ve seen so far.

Incoming calls on the other hand, don’t consume you credit so they are practically unlimited (cellular data charges not withstanding).


Is Yallo for me?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, Yallo 2.0 may very well be worth considering:

  • Do you find yourself having to remind or prove to people of agreements you made over the phone?
  • Do you carry around more than one cell phone, need to be available on more than one phone number or want to separate your private life phone from your work phone?
  • Do you pay extra for making international calls?
  • Do you pay per use or are you have a limited talking plan?


On the roadmap for Yallo, is the ability to manage multiple phone numbers on the same account (for the moment you have to open a spate account for each number) and also a family plan which will allow one parent for example, to purchase credit and allocate portions to the rest of the family members.


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