Kibbi Smart Home Anti Burglar Sensors

Kibbi Smart Home Anti Burglar Sensors

I usually review projects after they deliver their products, seldom as soon as they are funded and seem like a really good investment to note… this time I want to introduce a project that has just launched but in a way has been running for eight months now as far as I am concerned (as a backer – not a creator in any way shape or form).

Kibbi offers a range of interesting monitoring functionality to the smart home and either as an independent smart anti burglar system or as part of a larger smart home implementation, I believe it has great potential and definitely worth taking notice. Why eight months? since this is in fact the third incarnation of the project, with the creators, while demonstrating incredible commitment and determination, chose  to reexamine their most basic assumptions, listen to the feedback from the community and come back after some intense improvements were made.
Kibbi Project on Indiegogo

Kibbi Evolution – The Crowd had its Say

Version 1.o of the project (back then it was called LiLa) included a hub unit which was optional and a door / window sensors, Bluetooth based which basically only had magnetic sensors for open / close status. That project reached 63% of its funding goal sadly, and was discontinued when it was clear that’s not what people where after.

Version 2.o (Still LiLa) was a bit confusing for me if I am being honest, with the feedback gathered from the community, it was clear people wanted more and the guys at QL eager to please, added and audible alarm unit and smart plug unit with all sorts of bundle options. This project passed the 86% of the funding goal.


Version 3.o – Introducing Kibbi – Smart Alarm and Sensors System

“Change your name, change your luck” with this version Lila changed its name to Kibbi and hopefully will do much better! It seems on this round we are going back to base and focusing on 2 devices that got a lot more sophisticated:

  • Kibbi – the hub unit, also services as a security camera (wide angle, night vision etc.)
  • Kibbi sensors – detect open close status and also movement, vibration, temperature and proximity, with improved design for easier installation.

Moving from Kickstarter to Indiegogo

Another major change as part of this version is moving from the Kickstarter platform to the Indiegogo Platform which, following team actually makes a lot of sense…

With Lila’s second attempt, the creators made bold attempts to promote the campaign using social networks, by offering creative promotions to backers supporting the campaign online. These type of offerings are unfortunately not so common on Kickstarter and are not supported by the platform very well so they are hard to track and therefore tend to fail.

Indiegogo on the other hand is much more social oriented in terms of promotions and pushing backers to spread the word (with Twitter / Facebook or like I am doing right here for example)… also it seems following the team’s attempts on Kickstarter, and having recognized the potential of the project – Indiegogo approached QL team and offered to personally escort them in the project which is something they do VERY well!

“Third Time’s a Charm”

(That was the last cliché for this post, I promise!)

Had the original LiLa project made its funding goal and delivery dates, this would be a product review today, but the crowd has spoken, and wanted more…

This time, delivery is expected in March 2015…. I got a feeling QL team got it right this time, here is how you follow the project and order your own:
Kibbi Project on Indiegogo

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