Banggood Store Review

Banggood Store Review

Online shopping in general, and particularly in the area of “far eastern” electronics and gadgets is constantly on the rise. While many turn almost automatically to the well-known Dealextreme ( and Aliexpress, recently I came across a relatively new contender from the same general dial code, offering the same type of goods in most cased (as far as I could tell) for much lower prices. This online store is called Banggood and you can find there a nice variety of interesting products.


Banggood over free international shipping for most countries in 7 – 25 business days and from my personal experience timetables are similar to the standards of the other sites (a few months ago, I came across some products that required additional payment for delivery depending on the warehouse from which they were sent, but I could not find such cased now so it seems free shipping is now the standard).

Customer service

You can contact customer service via mail or chat in their working hours, but it may not be the site’s strong point… in my attempts of communication I got rather simplistic, short answers and it seemed like anything beyond basic technical support was too complicated for them (in my case I needed some additional information on a product / coupon code they offered and delivery options – the representative couldn’t give me any information beyond the basic info I could read for myself).

Luckily I did not have a situation in which I got a defective product and had to deal with product return / refund, so I can’t attest to that sort of process.

What can you find there?

Most of the items you’ve grown accustomed to finding on Dealextreme, for lower prices probably (accessories for your smartphones / tablets / computer), flashlights and various lighting equipment, fun gadgets for your car / the office desk and even some fashion items that look nice (at least from the photos).

A few examples of the more unique items:


RC Quadcopter parts by banggood


Price / Quality Ratio

Shortly after I first learned of the site, I ordered a couple of products which I previously ordered from Dealextreme for almost twice the money…

From the pictures in the site I could tell it was exactly the same product and once the package came in the mail I could verify that it was the same package & manufacturer.

So the price – is much better, that’s obvious and the product is great (since that was the second time I ordered it) – what is it you as? I’ll save that review for next time 🙂


Banggood Store Link

My Review Scores
  • Delivery
  • Customer Service
  • Variety
  • Value for Money


Make sure you check them out!


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