Sensibo: make any AC smart – (interim) review

Sensibo: make any AC smart – (interim) review

It’s summer around here and temperatures are soaring in case you haven’t notices (or you are not from around) – The perfect setting to launch a campaign around air-condition units and when you combine it with the general trend towards smart home computing mix with a cool gadget and an inspired video – you know you have the making of a great crowdfunding project!

While most people may be quite satisfied with their existing AC having some sort of timer and a thermostat, I am betting if they knew what a “Smart AC” could offer – the demand would sky rocket!


The project funding period has ended… Checkout pre order options! These are actually the final hours of this project and I am sorry I haven’t had a chance to post this earlier but if you get through this review soon and feel like this is something you might be interested in – you should probably hurry over to the Indiegogo project page and choose your perk…

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Smart AC’s bring Awareness

  • By connecting to your smart phone or other location transmitting devices it can be aware of your presence (are you in the room or not and there for should that AC be turned on or not).
  • Based on information from the mobile device / from external services such as weather service – they can adjust settings or make proactive suggestions on usage.
  • Based on algorithmic analysis, they “learn” user habits and usage patterns and then repeat them when conditions are the same.
  • Based on their internal sensors and analysis, they offer alerts and insight to help save electricity, such as – clogged filter detection when performance efficiency degraded etc.

These are all some pretty big promises, but that’s the direction in which the market seems to be going for… and with a great many more people already owning an AC than those who are planning to buy one in the next couple of years, investing in a product that can bring these features to any “dumb” AC seems like a good plan.

I actually  had a the opportunity to meet briefly with Omer Enbar (Sensibo CEO) earlier last month in a small gathering held in Google Israel headquarters hosting Indiegogo team (which I’ll get around to writing about sometime soon). Omer made a very good impression as he introduce the project in person and told us a bit about the milestones that lead them to turn to crowdfunding, at the time the project just crossed the milestone of meeting its target which they have since more than doubled and Omer seemed both humbled and thrilled at all the attention which I found very nice….

A key factor in the project success is was the extensive effort made to tap into the contributors social networks in an attempt to spread the word using a generous referral and refund program:


20$ refund for every referral promise by Sensibo
Sensibo referral program – leveraging existing contributors social power

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My Interim Review Score
  • Campaign Management


As the fund raising part of the project is coming to an end, I can only review the campaign management so far which was ran pretty smoothly as far as I can tell, starting with the wonderful movie that got a lot of positive attention and the very strong social emphasis by the campaign owners to leverage the existing contributors assistance…
Good Job!


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