Decibullz contour earphones review

Decibullz contour earphones review

The Decibullz earphones are designed for active people – athletes, cyclists, runners and generally everyone who enjoys listening to music on the go but suffers from the earphones occasionally falling out or becoming uncomfortable. With its custom fit properties Decibullz delivers both comfort & great sound….

On a personal note, the package containing Decibullz (finally) came in about 2 weeks ago. I  purchased these earphones as part of a crowdfunding campaign I backed, a platform where delivery is far too often an unusual milestone unfortunately, but a happy occasion all the more for this reason…

Uniquely customized to YOUR ear!

Custom earphones have long since been a professional high end accessory for musicians and audiophiles due to their superior noise isolation which gives room for the more subtle details of the music to come out and allows you to enjoy lower volume just the same. While the Decibullz Contour is NOT branded as an audiophile headphone – I can definitely say they sound great out of the box and much better after the custom fitting process was finished.

Bono wearing in-ear headphone (picture taken from Entertainment Today)
Bono wearing in-ear headphone (picture taken from Entertainment Today)


The key difference from musician type custom mold headphone (apart from the electronics / brand) – is obviously the price with the “low-priced” custom brands priced around 250$ and the high end over 1000$, the Decibullz cost 59$ (+ 12.75$ shipping to Israel) so for a headphone in this price range I’d consider it a very good offer.

For a 5% discount, use the following code: 4ED683A818F7054

Decibullz Contour Purchase

Customization process

The process from start to finish sounds easy:

  • [Heat] the molds
  • [Snap] to your ear
  • [Shape] in your ear
  • [Go] that’s it.

In fact… nothing is ever that simple to be honest.

Fortunately there are video guides and FAQs and the best tip from my experience is:

Keep CALM and a hair dryer nearby…

This is what the process should look like as demonstrated by Kyle Kirkpatrick (Inventor / owner):

This is what mine turned out like after the first attempt 🙁

My Decibullz first try
First attempt, NO – it was not comfortable at that point…

So, if like me, your molds become mangled / stick to the silicon tips, turn out uncomfortable or simply don’t look as good as you’d expect – keep them under a hair dryer for about two minutes till they soften up and get loose, put them back into hot water and reshape until you get it right.

The most amazing thing to me, is that even after spending several long minutes under the blazing heat of the hair dryer, the earpiece electronics did not fry as I feared and once the molds softened and I was finally able to reshape the whole thing – the sound is still incredible!

It took me 3 attempts till I finally got the hang of it, and I would hope that in a future evolution, it would be possible to at least shape the molds while they are not connected to the earpiece and only once they are ready – put it all together, that may improve the confidence of less crafty customers such as myself and help preserve the electronics even though they seem to handle the heat very well as it is.


Looking for more?

Decibullz is said to be working on a “High-end” model as well as a Bluetooth version which at the moment is expected to be priced around 130$, so there is definitely something to look forward too…


Project report card

One of the things I want to do in my posts that deal with crowdfunding from now on, is try and evaluate the project from my own personal point of view. This evaluation will address issues with the product end result (when it’s relevant) but more often evaluate the process during the project fund raising, leading up to deliver and following through with commitments to the backers…

  • Platform: Kickstarter
  • Funding period: Nov 18 2013 – Dec 19 2013 (31 days)
  • Backers: 2334
  • Goal: 40,000$
  • Raised: 112,906$
  • Stretch goals: 2 – reached!

Decibullz: Easy and Affordable Custom Molded Earphones -- Kicktraq Mini

Communication score – 5/5

Throughout the project funding phase and after it was over communication was fluent and consistent. With an average of an update every 2 weeks and responsiveness to forum queries along the way – its obvious customer care is part of the company DNA (I also tried out the website support and got prompt response during my crisis with the molds sticking to the earpiece).

Delivery score – 4/5

The delivery cost outside the USA was priced at 10 USD which is very reasonable (now on the site the prices vary according to country). All in all, in the after math the project had about 1.5 month delay in deliver which is (sadly) not that bad in Kickstarter standards. Delivery process once initiated, seemed to move pretty straight forward with advance preparation and careful thought. The actual package came in well warped & protected, good looking with high attention to details.

Investment score 5/5

The majority of the backers enjoyed the benefit of 30% off the retail price (while early birds got 50% off!) so that was pretty good deal. Value for money, considering the sound quality and, noise isolation and meeting all the targets as mentioned above – this product did an excellent job on meeting and exceeding its targets and I am obviously very pleased with it (as are most of the other backers judging from the comments on the forums so far!).

My Review...
  • Communication
  • Delivery
  • Investment


To be perfectly honest, I am not sure the preparation process is for everyone - be prepared for some intense remodeling and set aside 1-2 hours to get it right but the outcome is:


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