Comatose blog shows signs of life!

Comatose blog shows signs of life!

What’s up internet?

Hi all,
It’s been a while…

Little over 3 years between posts is quite a long time indeed, but in all this time I always hoped to find the spark to get me going again and hopefully that spark is here now and I’ll tell you about it in a minute. But first thing first…

What have I been up too since last I wrote?

After testing the water for a while, exploring several startup idea’s I finally found my place two years ago in small startup called EveryMatch where was involved in setting up the company, managing product & technology aspects and today I am leading the mobile branch of the company’s portfolio.

I’ll dedicate a post to what we do in EveryMatch soon but for now let’s just say that as startups go – it takes 120% of my time on good days (more when things don’t go according to plan) and I love every minute of it.

Why keep this blog running all this time?

Good question, well… since I put so much work into it at the time – I find it very difficult to let go and I really do believed that from time to time I’ll have something to say and that this would be a good platform to say it.

Also… when I look at the analytics, even after I stopped writing, since than to this day in fact – over 8,000 unique users found their way into the site and spent an average of 1:46 minute with what I had to write so long ago. So why not?



Why now? What’s changed?

Crowdfunding happened.

Actually it happened quite some time ago AND I’ve actually been into it for a while now BUT – this week something very strange happened – one of the projects pledged for actually delivered!

For those of you who are not active in the crowed funding community – you should know that a project that actually delivers (and not that late from the original due date) is a major thing.

So I figured I’ll write a review (Coming up soon). But that was the spark this time… and I can only hope it’ll last longer and bring about more regular posts this time.

So, What can you expect this time around?

  • Reviews and thoughts regarding crowdfunding projects
  • Internet of things – got to love that!
  • Home automation – recent obsession of mine 🙂
  • Mobile stuff here and there
  • Startup / work related experiences
Those are some of the things I have in mind… let’s see how it turns out!

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