Where is my iPhone / iPad – iLocalis ?!?

Where is my iPhone / iPad – iLocalis ?!?

A few months ago, apple has release for free the service “Find my iPhone” which up until that time was provided only for paid users of “Mobile Me”. To my and your sorrow, we are talking about a pathetic service which I would not recommend relaying on to locate your lost devices. The control features are very basic and when it comes to Israel, the map is limited to satellite view only without street information and it’s only a fraction of what your iPhone and iPad can allow you to do.
So, like many other cases, a more comprehensive and quality service can be found in Cydia if you’ve jail broken your device… the app iLocalis offers a wide verity of features for tracking and remote control which you can otherwise only dream on.


The service is paid subscription based:

  • Annual basic service 5 euro
  • 15 euro for an advance package
  • 50 euro for a family package of up to 5 devices


Advanced remote
control features

Let’s say the device is lost / stolen:


    • Similar to “find my iPhone” services, you can remote lock / create a popup message / remote wipe and of course see your device on the map.


    • You can activate a load alarm sound to help track the device
    • With the help of Google maps, you can get exact driving instructions from your location to the device location.
    • You can command your device from the site or by SMS message to update its location and even call you at any number so you can listen in to the surroundings of the device.
    • You can get an audio recording from the phone which will be secretly recorded and sent to your email.
    • You can get a steal picture taken from the front / back camera at your choice without the user’s knowledge that will help you id the person using your phone.


The features may also be useful on a daily basis:


  • If you have other friends that subscribe to the service, you can get alerts when they are near by (assuming you both approve it).
  • If you’ve left your phone at home, you can login to the site and remotely instruct it to direct all incoming calls to a number of your choice (for example the office number or a friend you happen to hang out with).
  • You can send remote sms from your phone using the site
  • You can get you location history up to 3 months back and export in various formats (where was I on Monday last week at…).
  • You can define alert zones which when you enter / exist from a certain action would be performed (text message / email will be sent, calls will be redirected etc.).


Ops… I am at the office and i found out the phone is back home!
– redirect incoming calls using the site remote control


If my phone (or I) happen to be in this area, something must be wrong! alert the cops!
(alert zones example)


The app can be downloaded using Cydia and after a trial period of 10 days you’ll have to pay for a package of your choice. For additional information please check out the site and forum at http://www.ilocalis.com/



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