Acrobits: One app to rule them all (your numbers)

Acrobits: One app to rule them all (your numbers)

If you’ve been following this guide from the beginning, you are likely to have several phone numbers on your name at this point:
  • The basic free number in the USA by Whistle phone or an equivalent service of some kind
  • An Israeli number provided by the Spikko service
  • A Google Voice with advanced features
Why now? And you may very well sign up for other similar services which will entitle you for other numbers in more countries.
In order to manage all these numbers and services you need an advanced quality app and Acrobits has 2 apps to offer you:
    • Softphone (6.99$) – for standard use


    • Groundwire (9.99$) – for advanced professional use.



Which app should you get?

Softphone’s major features include-

  • Management of multiple services and accounts
  • Google Voice support
  • Making outgoing call / receiving incoming calls
  • The ability to record a conversation!
  • Support of iOS 4 standard background work
  • The ability to make calls over 3G (with costs according to the data package you purchased)
  • Direct access to your address book (no need to manage separate with duplications)
  • Ability to set ringtones
  • Favorites and quick dial mangment
  • Dialing rules (number rewriting, explained later)
 Groundwire’s major features include-
  • All the features in SoftPhone
  • Call transfer (after you get a call you may transfer it to another party)
  • Call waiting
  • Conference call (ability to connect / remove individuals from the call)
  • Advanced voice mail management
On the company site you can check the video tutorials and written guides for the details of the service. I suppose most people can definitely settle for the SoftPhone version and while the Groundwire is more for professional people whose work has a strong emphasis on phone communication (team work, collaboration, corporate needs etc.).

Configuration of service provides (numbers) in the app

Both apps allow configuration of a variety of service provides that have been tightly integrated in the app as well as adding any standard SIP provide according to generic configuration assuming you have all the relevant parameters to input.
Choose your SIP provider / add one that’s not on the list


Configuring Whistle Phone

Whistle Phone has not been integrated in the service providers list so we’ll select the Generic SIP
  • Title – the service provider name as it will appear on your providers menu (you may assign whatever name you like).
  • User name – your whistle phone assigned phone number
  • Password – your password
  • Domain –
Whistle Phone SIP definition
Once you’ve saved the configuration, go back to the service details and make sure incoming calls is set to “One with Push” so you will get an immediate notification when someone calls you even when the app is closed.
Now, go back to the keypad screen, choose whistle service in the top left corner of your screen and make sure it’s green (indicates a connection was successful).
Successful configuration indicator

Configuring Spikko service

Spikko has been integrated directly with the app so the definition will be a bit different:

  • Title – the service provider name as it will appear on your providers menu (you may assign whatever name you like).
  • Username – type the user you signed up to Spikko with
  • Password – your password
Spikko SIP configuration

That’s it, Push should automatically be enabled.

Configuring Google Voice

In order to avoid the complexity of using two separate apps, one for making outgoing calls and another to take incoming calls, you are well advised to setup Google Voice services in the app.
  • Title – the service provider name as it will appear on your providers menu (you may assign whatever name you like).
  • Username – the email address used for connecting with the Google voice service
  • Password – your password
  • Callback phone name – the name of the number from which you want to make outgoing calls as you wrote it in your Google Voice settings.
    • According to the scenario described here, this would be the name you gave your Whistle phone number in your Google Voice numbers setup.
Google Voice configuration
Once you’ve completed the Google voice configuration, you’ll have a new provider in your menu with which you can make outgoing calls to any number in the USA. The service will initiate a call back which will transfer your call to the number you listed as your callback number (your Whistle phone in this case) and this way you won’t be bothered with listening to the ad before you call is connected.

Dial rules management (number rewriting)

The app allows your quickly and easily switch between service providers you’ve configured and their different phone numbers, but it also makes it very easy to forget to set the right service provider and accidently initiate an outgoing call from the wrong number (what may lead to waste of valuable calling minutes if for example you called a USA number from your Spikko service and not your Google voice / Whistle services). In order to avoid such cases or at least reduce the risk you can define dial rules.

For example

  • All calls with over 9 digit in the number that do not start with zero – are immediately suspected as USA number and should be dialed using Google Voice.
  • All numbers starting with 0039 should be made using some sort of Italian SIP provider (still looking for a good free one)
Try to manage your own rules based on the numbers and locations you call as well as the service providers you’ve signed-up with.
You can watch this demo by Acrobits on how to connect with Google Voice and manage basic dial rules.

Please note

  • Remember to check the costs that may be involved with making VOIP calls over a 3G network before you make any call (if you have a limit on your data package be sure to check your status every once in a while).
  • Manage your dial rules in order to avoid initiating a call using the wrong service provider.


For full and fair disclosure, Acrobits provided me with promo codes in support of this review.

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