Calling USA

Calling USA

The first solution is quite simple – free calls for with USA and Canada (incoming / outgoing), we’ll get to Google voice in a future post but for start – how about getting a new phone number, real and active for all intents and purposes which will allow you to make outgoing calls and accept incoming calls without spending any money?
Please note – the solutions I will describe require data connection in 3G or Wifi connection (for which you will most likely have to pay), Most are valid for use with computer, iPod, iPad etc.
The app Whistle Phone (free) will get you your own number as soon as you complete the initial signup and verify your email address within minutes!

What is this about and How does it work

You will get a random number (without any possibility to change)in one of the area codes in the USA (more about that will follow), with this number you can make outgoing calls using the app and also take incoming calls. How does it work?
  • For outgoing calls, you will have to listen to a short commercial right before the call will be made.
    • A small “price” to pay in my opinion and in future posts we’ll see how we can get rid of it as well.
  • For incoming calls you will be able to accept “Push” messages which will indicate the arrival of an incoming call if the app is closed or you can just leave it active (which I didn’t find very practical).
Whistle Phone

This solution does not support sending / receiving text messages or a voicemail (we’ll get to that in a future post). It’s relevant for the iPhone, iPod touch & iPad plus the site has links to computer applications for windows / mac users if you like. The call quality is excellent in my opinion (tested while connected to WIFI)with good data connection).

Some notes and things to think about

USA time zone – it’s possible the person on the other side of the line who wants to call you from the USA may have a problem calling the area code you got from the app due to limitations of his service package. Meaning, some US phone users opt for a cheap communication package limited to their living area and there for will not be able to make calls to the area code you will get. Again, we’ll have a solution to this in a future post using Google Voice but any way – you will be able to call them using the app.
While most of us are lazy and try to avoid anything complex, think about this – any two friends living anywhere in the world are able to communicate with one another (provided they have a good signal) and avoid pay for local calls… the Push messages will ensure you won’t miss a call (although I did read some reviews by people who complained about not getting these messages, it’s worth a try…)

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