IbVPN: Internet with no boundaries – Camouflaged browsing

IbVPN: Internet with no boundaries – Camouflaged browsing

The internet is the essence of the phrase “Small world”, it breaks down boundaries, connects people, and allows access to all sorts of content and media items…But…For some reasons, there’s discrimination – content and services are sometimes limited to a certain geographical area and blocked to users in other areas.
In order to break such barriers there’s and option to camouflage the location from which we are connected, making the service provider on the other side believe we are in the allowed area. By connecting to a VPN type service and using a proxy (connecting) server we can achieve the desired results.

The company provides this service for a fee which allows access to proxy servers in several locations in the world (Unites states, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, and Germany). For the purpose of this guide, let’s assume we wish to connect to a service in the United States.

Just as the homepage of their site comes up, we are welcomed with big banner showing the location from which we browse as identified by the network (according to the IP address we get from our internet connection provider) – scary, no?
My location is identified as Tel Aviv
In the site you can find a number of tutorials on how to connect with iPhone / iPad, a number of Windows versions or mac. In this guide, you’ll find the install process as I did it on my Windows 7 PC (for the purpose of the install you may need to connect your computer directly to the modem and skip the router, you may have to temporarily disable your firewall or antivirus protections).

Installing ibvpn on Windows 7

After you’ve purchased your service package (you can choose a 1/3/6 months packages for various prices):
  • Go to your “Network and sharing center” from your “Start” menu
  • Select “Setup a new connection or network”
  • Select “Connect to workplace”
  • Select “Use my internet connection (VPN)”
  • Type the address of the proxy server of your choice and give the connection a name
    • In the USA there is a number of available proxy servers, you are advised to check each one in order to find which gives you the best connection speed, it’s possible you’ll get different speeds depending on the time of day.
  • Type in your user and password, click connect.
  • Once the connection process is done, you can see the indication you are connected to the VPN next to your internet connection (from your tray).

Once the process is done and you are connected, if you go back to the homepage of the company, you’ll see that the location from which you are connected is now identified as from the USA with a different IP address than the one you actually use.

My new location is identified as Bloomington, USA

Please note

  • Camouflaged browsing means routing all your communication through a proxy server. This means performance rate (connection speed) may be significantly reduced due to latency (especially if you browse sites that are distant from the proxy server location).
  • You are well advised to sample all the available proxy addresses offered in different time of the day.
  • Don’t hesitate to open a service request with the company friendly support team.
In the following posts I will tell you about some of the services you can benefit while surfing under camouflage which were previously only relevant to users from the USA.

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