Go cables free using Photo Transfer

Go cables free using Photo Transfer


In my quest to find apps that will help me get more from my iPhone camera I obviously took many pictures and it took me a while but eventually I got tired of hooking up the iPhone to the PC, then to the iPad where I prefer editing the pictures and eventually viewing them. I realized there must be another way… and sure enough I found Photo Transfer.

The app allows you to select photos from your albums and transfer them over WIFI to other devices:
  • Transfer pictures to / from your PC or MAC:
    The app creates a private site, available only to people connected with the same WIFI. You browse to a web address presented on the device where you can either download pictures you selected on the device or upload pictures from the PC / MAC.
  • Transfer pictures to / from other iOS devices (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad):
    Once you install the app on another device, you can set it as receiver (while the device holding the pictures is the sender). The two devices will than attempt to find each other on the private WIFI network automatically (this part did not work for me but you can do it manually as well) than the pictures are simply transferred to the camera role / saved photos album of the receiving device.
This is a perfect app for moving pictures around that saves a lot of hassle, with simple instructions in the help screens.
For full and fair disclosure, the developer gave me a code for the review of the app and also to give to some of the blog readers, if you are interested drop me a line in the comments / in Virtualida Facebook page…

Video demo & help

Photo Transfer help screen

On the AppStore: Photo Transfer App – Easily copy, delete, share and backup pictures and videos over wifi between devices and computer – ERCLab, LLC

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