Tell a story with your pictures using Strip Designer

Tell a story with your pictures using Strip Designer

I was never one of those people who carry a camera everywhere; the need to make a visual documentation was always suppressed since carrying a camera around with me just in case never made sense to me. With the iPhone 3G, I occasionally took a picture and most of the times got mediocre results that didn’t contribute much to my enthusiasm as well. With iPhone 4, the camera can finally be considered reasonable for the average person I think. 5 mega pixel still photo’s look very good and 720 video is more than enough for my needs…
With that in mind, the latest pet projects I decided to take on is finding the best apps that would complement my new camera and increase the personal value of the pictures I take.
The first app in the project “Added value to digital pictures” deals with presentation of the pictures you take. For full and fair disclosure, the app developer gave me a promo code for the purpose of the review and also some other promo codes to give out to some of the readers!

Pictures are meant to tell a story

Taking a good picture is not enough, presenting it to someone is often just as important. That’s why we have the traditional physical albums for the old (pre digital) photos and why presentation skills are so developed since digital photography became so common. The way you layout the pictures is how you tell your story, so how about taking a cue from the masters of picture storytelling and do it comics style?
Remember what it feels like to imagine a scene when you read comics? Strip Designer lets you tell a story by bringing several photos together, adding stickers and comment or actions indicators that will get people a lot more interested.
Strip Designer brings multiple user friendly features that will make editing your picture fun and get you professional looking results in no time, it can give kids and adults alike hours of creativity:
  • You can present a scene as it actually happened or change the whole meaning just by putting a few pictures together and playing around with the stickers and text.
  • The app comes with a large variety of templates that allow you to position up to 9 pictures from your photo album.
  • Applying different filters to a picture, playing with colors to set the right mood is very easy.
  • If you like, you can add graphic symbols for example noise indicators such as “Crush” or “BOOM” graphics, exclamations calls, a funny mustache drawing etc.
  • You can add text using various fonts as titles, speech / thoughts balloons coming from people’s heads (the app supports Hebrew and comes with lots of font pre-installed which you can later add too on your own!).
  • Finally you can save your creation or share it by email or directly to Facebook, flicker or twitter

There are lots of reasons and occasions you may want to use Strip Designer:

  • Show off vacation pictures
  • Add a touch of humor to an awkward situation
  • Create a personalized holiday or birthday card
  • Remind family and friends what good times you had when you last met
  • Position several pictures to make a point in a presentation, formal document or a post (as I’ve started doing recently in this blog).
Here are some samples of what the end results may look like:
My sister and I, in a trip to Spain
First time on a horse excitement 🙂


Giveaway and more information

The app works for both iPhone and iPad and it’ll cost you 2.99$, the first 5 people to “Like” the note on Virtualida Facebook page in this link – get the code!

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