MobileNoter helps you sync with OneNote

MobileNoter helps you sync with OneNote

Last week I wrote a post about the electronic notebook OneNote – a useful tool by Microsoft that I’ve been using for a few years not (you can find the post in my blog under the title “How many of you know OneNote?”. I’ve accumulated a lot of data and personal documentation (summaries, notes, pictures, videos etc.) and as you can guess, the main limitation of the tool for me as my use of mobile devices such as the iPhone and the iPad increases is the dependency of using a PC in order to access data on this product (even the web application that was recently presented with Office 2010 is limited to a certain web browser at this point). You can’t imagine the smile I had when I found out about the following solution…


 In the past, I’ve searched for an app that will allow me to synchronize content from OneNote to my iPhone so that I can take my electronic notebooks with me where ever I go, I’ve recently come across and app that allows me to do just that! MobileNoter & MobileNoter for iPad are two free versions (for the iPhone and iPad accordingly of course) that allows you to perform complete or selective sync between the notebooks you manage on your PC using OneNote (for the sync ability you’ll have to pay though, more details will follow).
For full and fair disclosure, the developer granted me an extended subscription so that I may better explore the app for the purpose of this blog review.
The main features and abilities I found useful:
  • Viewing and editing of existing pages in various notebooks
    • Add and update of text
    • Free style drawing tool
    • Moving pictures around for editing
  • You can view a list of all the tagged items in a single notebook or all of them
    • For tags that enable check box– you can updated the status from the app
    • At this point you cannot tag content from the app though
  • You can quickly access recent pages or run a search that will cover all the synced notebooks or just the one you are in.

Issues that still require some work:

  • At this point you cannot create new pages inside the existing notebooks you sync, the good news is that you can do so in the Quick Notes section and later move those notes to the right place after sync using OneNote on the PC and then resync.
  • Hebrew is presented ok more or less, only it’s shifted to the left
The apps are free, syncing however is not
You have 2 options for paid sync plans:
  • A onetime paid license (15$) for a sync applications for a single PC that will allow you a direct sync over WIFI between the computer and the mobile device.
  • A time limited subscription for sync in the cloud:
    • You’ll still have to install the sync app on the PC but this time it’ll sync with the cloud services which the mobile can sync with as well after that.
    • The service allows you to sync up to 600 MB on the cloud and is relevant for those who require more frequent updates.
    • Data encryption was taken into account and dealt with as detailed on the site.
    • You can choose between a 3 month subscription (5$) or a full year (15$).

What we can expect in the future: 

  • Support sound recording which will keep sync with what you type (similar to the way OneNote does it!)
  • Ability to sync protected sections from the notebook that are for now unavailable when you sync.Improved formatting for text (Numbers, color etc).
  • Ability to add new pages to the notebooks from the app(not just Quick Notes)
  • Improved ability to work with images on existing pages in your notebooks
  • Ability to tag content in the app
  • Multiple device sync
An updated version is expected to come very soon and another about a month after that according to the timetable given by the developer which means there is serious work being done and the solution is supposed to grow and evolve in the future.

Please note,

  • After downloading the sync application for the PC and registering, you get a 30 day trial version before you need to purchase a subscription or the WIFI sync license so you can check it out without spending a cent.
  • The application supports sync between one PC and one mobile device for the moment (you cannot sync both your iPhone and iPad with the main PC due to a limitation in the current sync algorithm).
Even if you don’t use OneNote, the apps are very friendly for taking notes with picture attachments, search ability etc. the apps are free and they can rival some paid apps that are offered in the Appstore in terms of functionality.

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