iThoughts – Map Your Mind!

iThoughts – Map Your Mind!

Have you ever had a chance to take part in a brain storm meeting dealing with a complex problem or an innovative idea during which ideas were tossed around by the group member?
Have you ever had to prepare a big presentation on an unfamiliar subject and in order to deal with the task, trying to simplify it – you tried to break it down to sub topics methodically using logic?
Have you ever managed a huge project with multiple participants which was actually an integration several sub projects each of which has a world of its own?
It’s possible a mind map would have helped getting your head around the issue!
A mind map is an important, interesting tool takes your through planning processes, envision, scoping, creative thinking, brain storm and learning. The technic is simple and you may very well have used it in the past intuitively without even knowing it, the map helps track our thought process which are usually based on associations. Generally, you start at a central point (an idea / a need / a topic of some kind) than you break it down step by step. Using colors and icons is recommended in order to draw attention and improve the chances of remembering and internalizing the results more easily.
In the iTunes AppStore you can find various tools in different maturity price level that can take you through the process of creating a mind map, so are very basic while others are packed with functionality you don’t necessarily need. In order to deal with some complex processes I am involved with recently, I’ve looked for a good app and I finally chose iThoughtHD which I’ve purchased for my iPad a few weeks ago. Beyond the pleasant user experience and the impressive functionality, I got friendly service from the developer, Craig Scott that quickly responded to my questions early on and shared some of the future plans for the application upgrades in the future…
Mindmap Sample…
I’ve updated Craig on my intentions to run this app review on the blog and for full and fair disclosure, he was nice enough to offer me a promo code for the iPhone app version and… something else (yes, we are talking about 2 different versions, for more details keep reading).
So what have we got with iThoughtsHD
7.99$ in iTunes, Please note this is only a short list of the most significant functionality in my view, for a full list visit the AppStore:
  • The tool supports multi language (English / Hebrew).
  • A wide variety of colors and shapes is available for use in the map – the more complex the map the more you’ll want to use different representation for junctions and nodes.
  • You can use icons and notes to further emphasize and provide additional information
  • The app provides a vast area to work with; you can focus on a particular area on the map or get a wide view using pinch and zoom.
  • You can collapse / expand and branch, move / copy a full branch or a single node.
  • You can add shapes at any point by using the on screen buttons or with keyboard short as well as create links between nodes in different branches.
  • If your map is meant to help track tasks, you can set a time table and present progress visually with ease.
  • The app automatically saves versions once in a while so you can go back to past versions at any time if you discover an error or accidently delete something.
  • The map can be synced with DropBox / synchronized over WI-FI or sent by mail in various formats (PDF, picture, text or order standard mind map formats compatible with other mind map applications).

Confused? Let’s see what it looks like in a video:

iPad iThoughtsHD demo video
iPhones too?
The app was first introduced for the iPhone actually and as previously mentioned is sold separately (7.99$ in iTunes as well). Now, before you rise and eyebrow, please note that due to the limited size of the iPhone – the user interface is completely different and very smart! The functionality is more or less identical according to my quick impression, here is a short demo:

 iPhone iThoughts demo video
Remember, the map is meant to simplify dealing with complex issues so you’d be wise to use the various tools the application offers in order to reduce the visual overload!
Oh… I promised one more thing 🙂
Craig was very kind to offer 2 additional promo codes for the blog readers (one for the iPad and one for the iPhone) so this is how it’s going to be, interested in getting a code?
  • In the comments for this post, please indicate which one of the codes you would like and for what purpose (which project / complex issue is on your mind that a mind map may help with).
    • Since Facebook comments for blogs apparently does not support “Like” ,We’ll use a Facebook note to collect all the comment’s applying for a code (same note for the Hebrew and English applications this time).

      Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • Facebook note for iThoughts & iThoughtsHD free promo codes
  • Share the post with your list of friends on Facebook and invite them to like your comment.
  • The comment with the most “Like”s on Friday, September 3rd 2010, 14:00 Israel time, will award the author with the code.

Please note:

  • Since the post appears both in Hebrew and in English – both posts are participating, no matter where you comment, both posts comments compete for the 2 codes.  (updated for use of the Facebook note).


  • You can apply for both codes in separate comments.
  • An individual will get only one code (for the comment with the most “Like”s).

Too complicated?
Maybe a mind map can help:
(please note the change of using the Facebook note to collect comments instead of the posts comment).

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