Publish your own content for Flipboard!

Publish your own content for Flipboard!

Wouldn’t it be nice to add your blog content or edit all the links you find interesting in a magazine style and give access to millions of iPad users?
The hottest iPad app on the market “Flipboard” introduced the first social magazine and has been getting some great reviews over the past few days. If you haven’t heard of it, this app is only for iPad and it basically sits on top of your social networks (Facebook & Twitter) and lets you browse them just like you would a magazine…. It simulates page turns and organizes the pages automatically with content that is taken from those networks.


If you are thinking “Great, another RSS feed reader…” you couldn’t be more wrong – flipboard does more than present the twits and status updates – it goes into the links and takes the pictures and text from the articles and pages and makes them a part of the page that is presented. The end result – great magazine style pages dedicated to your likings, based on the content added by friends and the people you follow.
Other than your Twitter and Facebook, Flipboard offers a variety of content providers to select from and compose your social magazine. But what if you own a blog and you want to provide your readers with a dedicated channel in the same style? What if you keep running into great links and want to edit them together on a daily or a weekly basis for the world to follow?? Flipboard does not handle RSS feeds at the moment – but that doesn’t mean you can still do something about it.
Creating an independent section for your content distinguishes it from the rest of the twits and status updates in the reader’s Facebook and Twitter feeds that include many others.
The method is actually rather simple, create a dedicated twitter account or advertise the one you already have for people to add in Flipboard. Then, add instructions for the users how they should add your content to Flipboard.

What it would look like

The end result would look just like any other section in the main content page of Flipboard, the twits from your twitter account with the links and picture would be automatically edited by Flipboard as magazine pages for the entire world to see.

See samples at the end of this post!

How to add as section in Flipboard (the instructions for the users more or less)

Click to add new section
Type the Twitter account name with “@” and click the twiter user button
  1. In order to add a section to Flipboard, you should go into the app, flip to the “Contents” page and click the “add section” square (Flipboard supports up to 9 sections at the moment so if you don’t see one – you’ll have to edit and remove one of the existing sections…)
  2. Then, using the search box at the top right – type the twitter ID with the “@” prefix for example type “@virtualida
  3. Click the name that appears in the middle (you can also try to search but not all twitter accounts can be found using the search for some reason – so it’s better to directly type the twitter account with the “@” sign).

That’s it… the Twitter account should be added as a new independent section.

How to manage your “Magazine”

Managing the account is as simple as managing your twitter account – you can add and delete twits that will be edited automatically into the Flipboard magazine. A good guide line would be to start off with text as head line for the Flipboard article, than the link (preferably shortened link) to the article. Flipboard will do the rest – pull the text and photos from the link and compose the magazine.

Additional comments

  • Be ready for the fact you have little control over how Flipboard edits the posts together, I’ve yet to figure out the algorithm behind it – when does he pull the picture and how many lines of texts are taken per post.
  • Flipboard probably saves a cached version the twitter account and only pulls it every few hours, so a new post may take time to appear.
  • There may be encoding issues with foreign languages, for example not all Hebrew sites work at the moment while some do.

Samples of the end results:

Virtualida magazine section
Clayton Morris on Twitter as magazine section
Newsgeek from Israel – in Hebrew
The main content page leading to the new sections

Enjoy Virtualida magazine and spread the word to your fellow bloggers and friends!
(Please link to this post as professional curtsy)

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine – Flipboard Inc.

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