Keep paying if you want to keep MyWi as you upgrade

Keep paying if you want to keep MyWi as you upgrade

One of the apps that made some headlines in the jailbreak community a couple of months ago was “MyWi”, the takeoff version for “MiFi” cards that popped up in the past year, promised to allow its users a simple way to create WiFi hotspot at a click of a button and enable other wireless internet dependent devices to connect to the web.
Many users temped by the promise of connect anywhere based on the 3G coverage paid “Rock Your Phone” the 9.99$ and when the iPad WiFi only versions was launched, the app was even more attractive for those who wanted to avoid paying the extra 130$ and simply tether the iPad to their existing iPhone. Unfortunately I was one of theme…
First as to my experience with the original release for the 3.0 OS – it worked ok more or less… although I often had to do a complete restart after using the app to create the hot spot before I was able to create another (that was apparently the only way to clear up some things from its cache that prevented another hot spot from initiating) – not the best experience but it did what it was supposed to do.
When iOS 4 was launched, the original app stopped working like many others until the “Rock Your Phone” recently released an iOS 4 version, but the proud owners of the app had a surprise when looking for the upgrade – the price doubled (19.99$)! AND previous owners would have to pay additional 9.99$ as an upgrade fee if they want the app to work on their upgraded iOS 4 device…
Apparently “Rock Your Phone” and the developer think their app users should pay about 10$ whenever a new OS comes along… how many apps have you seen do that in the App store or even in Cydia? Am I the only app consumer who finds it outrageous?!?

Check out this correspondence I had with their support:


toRock Your Phone Support <>

dateThu, Jul 15, 2010 at 9:17 PM

subjectRe: Rock Contact Form: – amir

9:17 PM (41 minutes ago)

I understand the term you are offering.

However the basic assumption for every app in various app stores Jb or other is that there will be free updates for os upgrades. The app info did not state additional payment will be required for future versions!

What you are suggesting is that users should no upgrade the os if they want to keep using the app?!?

This is pure greed and completely against any standards app users are used too.

Please convey my disappointment to the relevant people as well as the developer and be sure I’ll stay true to my word in the first email.


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On 15/07/2010, at 21:01, “Rock Your Phone Support” <>wrote:

> Amir,


> MyWi 4.0 is a new app which is compatible with all OS’s including iOS4

> and is priced at $19.99. It can be downloaded as a free 10-day trial

> and then can be purchased.


> MyWi 3.x remains for sale supporting all 3x firmware levels.


> If you purchased MyWi anytime in the past and have moved up to iOS4 and

> want to purchase MWi 4.0, you will receive a $10 credit during checkout.


> Thanks,


> Tom Cross

> _______________________

> Rock Your Phone, Inc.



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> From: Amir Hanan

> Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2010 12:26 PM

> To: Rock Your Phone Support

> Subject: Rock Contact Form: – amir




> Name: Amir Hanan

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> Comment: I’ve purchased mywi 2 months ago for 9.99 and I was shocked to

> find out I am required to pay additional money for it to work on ios4 !

> I would not pay 19.95 to begin with at any case and the fact you now

> rise the price is not acceptable in any way to me.

> I hope you refund me the money if you want me as a customer in the

> future, I sencirly promise I would never buy another app from you if you

> dont and will make sure none of my friends and follower would as well


> Amir.


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