Updated Virtualida Site Design

Updated Virtualida Site Design

If you’ve been to this blog site before, you’ll notice some major look and feel changes I’ve worked on for the past week or so. With recent updates to the blogger template designer and my plans for this blog I decided it’s a good time now to “step up the game” with a more updated design.
The blog is now updated in two aspects:
  • Graphic – look and feel
  • Functional – integration of new collaboration components to the site

Graphic aspect, look and feel

I wanted to keep to a simple look and feel, get rid of the dramatic header and tone down the colors, introduce round corners in some places, transparent backgrounds – bringing a more updated overall design.
I still consider changing the background image, the current one is nice but it’s one of the default backgrounds that come with the template so it may become boring the more people use it… Also I consider introducing a logo, but that may take time since I’ll want to give it proper focus since branding is not something I take lightly.

Functional aspects, updated collaboration options

First, you’ll notice a group of icons on the top right side bar. Since a big part of the content in this blog will deal with knowledge management and collaboration, it’s only fitting I use advanced social networking and collaboration features…
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I added other collaboration options on the post level:

You can now clearly see at the beginning of each post how many comments were added so far, the idea is increase the discussions on each post… Please feel free to leave your comment!


Facebook like button – per post, if you find it interesting, please clock to let your Facebook friends know about it.


A number of other links for sharing can be found at the bottom of each post allowing you to quickly twit about the post, share it in Facebook, Google buzz etc.
The goal here is to give you many options to connect with the content I am adding and spread it around to your social network, please use them and let me know what you think!

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