Cali Lewis everyone…

Cali Lewis everyone…

Ok, so this post is dedicated to a very dear person that I’ve yet had the pleasure of actually meeting face to face 馃檪

Cali Lewis, the sweet hostess of has announced the last episode of that show and moving a new project under the new brand I’ve been following Cali and the brief for over a year now, getting most of my tech news delivered in wonderful 3 鈥 6 minutes of video episodes every few days, each episode carefully and professionally edited (often including funny bloopers at the end).
Covering all sorts of news related to gadgets, technological and scientific breakthroughs and projects from all over the world, Cali is a true geek at heart and you can usually see it when she talked about cameras robots and some favorite TV shows such as V and others鈥

I am crossing fingers the new project preserves the quality and feel of the brief I鈥檝e come to depend on 馃檪

Follow Cali!

And join me in wishing her best of luck鈥

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