Blog posts magic number – Do I have what it takes??

Blog posts magic number – Do I have what it takes??


I have a new guru to follow 馃檪

Clayton Morris, anchor of Fox and friends, involved with several podcasts and blogs has some really good content on his website and in a recent episode of his podcast “Today in Social Media”, he gives some tips based on his insight on what effects traffic to blogs鈥


In this episode titled “#150 How Often is Too Often to Blog?” Clayton suggests 6 to 8 posts a day is the optimal times that would help generate and sustain the most traffic to the site, arguing that less would cause people who look for content to lose interest; more would be “over sharing” and would also hurt traffic to the blog site.

So, I am new to this blogging business 馃檪 and obviously I haven鈥檛 been doing such a great job posting enough to attract and sustain traffic to my blog, I don’t even know if I can do 6 – 8 posts a week 馃檪 obviously I’ll have to try harder. A good tip Clayton gave is to keep those posts short and I guess that makes sense, my first instinct going into this was that each post should be more or less like an article that sum’s up a topic I choose to write about – maybe this is even a more important tip for me than…

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