Apple Ipad – Just can’t say no…

Apple Ipad – Just can’t say no…

First of all let me say I don’t consider myself an apple fun boy, I just don’t get the Mac OS.

The iPhone OS devices (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad) are a whole different thing though… I have an iPhone 3G for about a year and half now and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next version which I am already pretty sure I will get as soon as it becomes available.

With the iPad I was a bit disappointed when it was first introduced – the missing camera (front AND back!) really don’t make much sense to me. Still I’ve been waiting to get on the e-reader wagon and Apples touch devices are in a completely different league than the others in my opinion…

My doubts went out the window when I held one of those sweet iPads a week ago at a friend’s party. One of the guys brought his new iPad and… that was that.

At that time we were still under the “iPad ban” by the Israeli ministry of communications, so I was mostly frustrated and considering my options. The moment I heard the ban has lifted – I got in touch with a friend who was on her way to the US for a short business travel. I sent her my wish list and kept my fingers cross…

You should know, that wish list included a 32 GB iPad wifi & and apple case. The 3G model was not yet available and frankly – I am still not sure about the justification with the limited added value of the 3G and GPS (without a camera the whole augmented reality angle seems very limited, and I already have those options in the iPhone…)

Anyway, as luck would have it, they only had the wifi & 3G model in the store so that’s what she got for me. I got the message very late last night and it really came as a surprise. As I said there’s the whole limited functionality and limited ROI that for some reason still don’t sit very well with me…

  • That unit costs more (130 USD before tax)
  • Going through customs there is the whole debate whether or not to declare:
    • Declare and you pay about 100 USD more
    • Don’t declare and get caught – you pay about 200 USD more
  • Micro-Sims are not yet available
    • Not sure if cutting a regular SIM really is an option as advertised in some of the blogs – I still haven’t found any evidence someone actually did it and it worked

But look at me bitch about it… I am getting an iPad!

I left the decision about declaring or not in my friends hands (for some reason I think the Israeli custom guys are too motivated at this point with all the publicity they got when the wifi model got out – to catch those who don’t declare… on the other hand my friend doesn’t look like the smuggling type  so…)

I’ll be sure to talk about it in the coming days.

Thank you to my good friend and colleague whose name shall be kept off record for now I know getting it took some effort… love you babe.

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