Testing 1 – 2 – 3

Testing 1 – 2 – 3

So I woke up today (rather early) and decided I should have a blog… or at least try it. Please bear with me as I go through the early stages till I get the hang of it 🙂

My name is Amir, and I am a blogger!
Wow… this is going to take some getting used to.

After doing some reading and contemplating weather I should go with WordPressor Blogger I finally decided on the latter, for some reason it seems a bit more flexible and the ease of integrating it with Google seems pretty attractive.

I decided I wanted to immediately start with my own domain name – if I am going to invest in this blog I might as well explore the option of developing it into a brand sometime in the future… So I came up with the name “Virtualida” which I may elaborate on at a later time, and I purchased the domain name using Google apps for an annual fee of 10$ using godaddy.com as the reseller.

Had a bit of trouble setting the domain to point at first since the default went to a Google apps domain that was created in the process, I got an annoying message when I tried to update the setting on the blogger site saying “Another Blog is Already Hosted at this Address”…

I finally got over this problem after reading a post at Tips Blogger named: “Another blog is already hosted at this address” ERROR in Blogger Custom Domain Creation. The general process I went through if I remember correctly is:

    • In Google Apps > Domain Settings > Domain Names click on “Advanced DNS settings”
      • Follow login instructions to Godaddy domain manager > click “Sign in to DNS console”
        • Click on the domain name check box > Click the button “Forward” and choose “Forward Domain”
          • Point the domain to the Blogger blog address I got on the original blogspot domain
        • Make sure the “A records” and “CNAMES” are all pointing to the right places
  • I only had to add that was missing for some reason (the others 32,34,36 were already there)
  • In Google apps > Sites (from the dashboard) > Web address mapping > delete the default google apps site that was there by default
  • Only than, on the Blogger settings > Publishing > Advanced Settings – set the redirect to my new domain address

Not the most straight forward process, and the DNS settings take time to update… but there it is… my new blog on this new domain name 🙂

Welcome everybody!

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